Whatever you're celebrating, Happy Holidays from J. Walter Thompson

Whether you’re lighting up a menorah, a Christmas tree,
or an entire room on National Flashlight Day,
there’s a holiday for everyone to celebrate during December.

So this year, instead of just celebrating one holiday,
we’re celebrating all of them. Well, 12 of them, to be exact.

From a Merry Christmas, to a Happy Bathtub Party Day,
why not spread some holiday cheer by simply sending
one of our greeting cards?

Because no matter what day you’re celebrating,
we wish you Happy Holidays.

December 5th
Bathtub Party Day

Bathtub Party Day is the one day of the year where your ordinary tub gets magically transformed into an exclusive after party. All it takes is a few bath salts, some music, a rubber duck or two, and an active imagination.